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Hoop-Dee-Doo it's a Wiggly Cyber Party!!

Soon be Christmas Online Party time!!!
Your Choice Form appearing very soon!

party pic

Party with your Wiggly friends!!!

Online Parties History:

There have now been 4 "online Wiggly Parties"!

Despite the short notice on the Wiggles Message Board, the first was a success and had a good turn out!!

Because of the short notice, there were people that missed it, and therefore another similar event took place!! Originally planned for just 24 hours (but not definitely stopping right on the 24 hours) by the 24 hours the party was still in full swing and went on for about another 24 hours!! Not sure if there were as many on the Aussie/Kiwi evening times - I believe not, but certainly the times I was there was mainly busy!

Party 3 took place a few weeks ago!! It was a huge success - Thank You to all who attended!!! (Special thanks to Kat who attended for rather longer than the average length(!))
As planned it took place for the set 24 hours and was then extended for those who wished to stay. I think this worked well, and all feedback from the November form has suggested that others thought so too - so this will be used for future parties unless otherwise stated!

Party #4 went well as usual. I didn't get to as much of it as I'd have liked, but what I did see of it it Great. The usual weirdos were there - I don't think anyone that's been needs to be told who I mean. I've no idea who they all really are. There was even another new one at party 4.
The parties are now being held 1 per month!!
THE NEXT PARTY IS GOING TO BE THE 1st ONLINE WIGGLY CHRISTMAS PARTY. The form for when YOU want will be appearing in the next couple of days. Be sure to have YOUR say!!

Below is general information and the times the November party was held to give some idea of the parties if you've never been!

Details of dates and times:

The party took place in the "Function Room" (link at bottom of page!) over a 24hour period (extended as relevant - see previous parties history for details), to allow for everyone to attend wherever they are. But the difference to this from normal chat, as this is a party!! Staying as long as possible whenever you can during the party times, we all drink, or whatever (course you don't have to!! Just get into the party mood - virtual drinks available from the bar :-D And a few nibbles too!) and ... Lets Party!!!

The start times for party #4 were:

(NOTE: Timings have been adapted from previous parties due to some places going from or to "daylight savings", I have tried to include cites/states that will cover all or most people, but if anyone is unsure, feel free to contact me! Remember also that although your start time may seem an unusual time, it is 24hours+ so there will be ALL times of day for everyone!!)

Friday 23rd November

2pm: Vancouver, Nevada, California
3pm: Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming
4pm: Winnipeg, Chicago, Evansville, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana,
Minneapolis, Missouri, Alabama, Memphis, Texas
5pm: Washington DC, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta, Toronto,
Fort Wayne, Montreal, Kentucky, Maine, Baltimore, Boston, Michigan
New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Knoxville, Virginia, Connecticut
6pm: New Brunswick
6.30pm: Newfoundland

10pm: UK

Saturday 24th November

6am: Perth
7.30am: Darwin
8am: Brisbane
8.30am: Adelaide
9am: Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart

11am: NZ

Any questions comments/suggestions regarding the party can be left in the form at the top of this page, or by either of the ways on the "contact me" page!

Hope to see you all at the Christmas party!!!!!!

You can use the room anytime you like, but its main purpose is for functions, so you will probably prefer to use other current methods for general chat!! (Also, just in case any non-Wiggly related people seem to have misunderstood (!) please could this room be kept for "Wiggly" people - there are plenty of other places for other general chat)

Click here to go to the WigglyBigKid Wiggly Function Room!!!!

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