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Bluetifuls' Page

Page specially for those who think Anthony's the best!! (Of course we love the rest of the Wiggles and Wiggles' friends...but...)

Captain's biggest fans have a collective name the Quackerettes... so then it was our turn!!!

More things for the Bluetifuls will be appearing on this page soon!!!!!!! Coming soon.... Our first meeting? Possibly to be held in the Function room. Let me know what you think of the idea!!!!! Maybe they could be held at a specific time in relation to the parties so we know when they are. Any ideas, suggestions, etc welcome!!!

In case you didn't know we had a vote to choose our name. The winning name with 26% of the votes was the Bluetifuls.
The next highest had 18% and 16%, so the majority was quite clear! The final results were:
Anthonettes 8%
Fieldettes 11%
Bluettes 3%
** Bluetifuls** 26%
Foodies 11%
Something Else 3% (note if the suggested names were added, then the relevant votes were transferred to them!)
Nothing 3% (whoever you were don't worry - you don't have to be a part of us Bluetifuls. :-D)
Blue Belles 16%
Blue Ladies 3%
True Blues 18%

If anyone has any questions regarding the votes/final results, feel free to contact me!!!