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The Wiggly Big Chat

The Wiggly Big Chat

On 21 Sept 1999, The Wiggles joined the now closed chatroom chatcity as part of the fun of launching the Wiggly Big Show, sponsored by OzEmail Internet. Jeff even managed to stay awake until the end!

pics from CC chat

CC1 Hello, and welcome to the Wiggly Big Chat! Hmmm, let's start with a question from ...Emja! CC1 Question from emja : has your teaching background helped you make sure your music reaches the right age group?

-Greg- Yes it's helped a great deal!

CC1 Anonymous Question : Has the BRC ever been in an accident?

-Murray- no, definitely not, we're the wiggles, we drive safely and make sure we wear our seatbelts

-Anthony- except of course when Greg is at the wheel!

CC1 Question from Miss_Flirty : Do you ever get the urge to swap u`r shirt colours to confuse ppl?

-Anthony- not really

-Anthony- but it has happened in the movie

-Anthony- it's a very strange experience when you do it

-Anthony- very scary looking at yourself when you're not in the right coloured shirt

CC1 Question from gr8tassets : And what happened to the fifth member? Is that Captain Feathersword?

-Anthony- hmmmm

-Anthony- he is still there and having lots of fun

-Anthony- he's still tickling with his feathersword ...

CC1 Question from casper-17 : how many times have u fallen asleep on stage jeff??

-Jeff- Every time i've been on stage

-Jeff- he falls asleep because he loves to dream

CC1 Question from Barman2000 : Did any hiccups happen in the movie?

-Murray- plenty of hiccups w/ the big red car

-Murray- wouldn't start

-Murray- we needed ralph the mechanic quite a lot

-Murray- to help us out

-Murray- and half the time when we were saying our lines

-Murray- we burst out laughing!!!

CC1 Question from africano : Do you enjoy entertaining people? Or is it just another day at work for you?

-Anthony- no we REALLY enjoy it

-Anthony- especially entertaining little people

-Anthony- they are so spontaneous and energetic

-Anthony- and it keeps us young!

CC1 Question from Ima_Bedwetter1 : how did the band form and under what circumstances?

-Jeff- we formed at Macquarie Uni, just as a hobby, and started doing birthday parties, and all of a sudden

-Jeff- it took off

CC1 Question from emja : do you have kids of your own and how do they react when other people recognise you?

-Murray- I have a 5 yr old gir and a 2yr old boy

-Murray- my little boy doesnt' notice

-Murray- my daughter thought I just knew everybody but she's finding out now that she's at school

CC1 Question from MrsJ : what teaching area`s were you

-Murray- preschool...

-Murray- I taught some music at primary school

-Murray- also taught at uni and subject was early childhood

CC1 Comment from Miss_Flirty : So you guys are fairly conservative then?

-Murray- hmmm...we're fairly conservative

-Murray- we're pretty settled, some of us have families too

CC1 Question from kurmit316 : whats your favorite song

-Jeff- My favorite song is Hot Potato

-Anthony- Mine's Fruit Salad

-Anthony- because I love food so much

CC1 Question from ashleewiggle : Greg is yellow yr favourite colour

-Greg- yes it is!

-Greg- it's a HAPPY colour

-Greg- it reminds me of sunshine!

CC1 Anonymous Question : what do you do for spare time

-Greg- In my spare time I sing songs

-Greg- and I practice magic tricks.

-Greg- particularly card tircks

-Greg- I like doing card tricks because

-Greg- they take the most practice

CC1 Question from cc1 : What`s the best thing about being a Wiggle?

-Greg- you get to have fun every day of the week

-Greg- and you get to make a lot of people

-Greg- - HAPPY -

CC1 Question from Miss_Flirty : What are the guys favorite animals?? Anything exotic? (ie: jumping elephants or something??)

-Anthony- Miniature fox terriers ...

-Anthony- because they're faithful

-Anthony- fun loving

-Anthony- friendly dogs with great senses of humour

-Anthony- I have 3 of them ...

-Anthony- but no elephants :(

CC1 Question from monopoly : will you be making another christmas video?

-Anthony- We are ... we're going to make Wiggly Christmas #2

-Anthony- and that will be out for Christmas next year

CC1 Question from bee-g : What`s the story line for your new movie?

-Anthony- we don't have a new movie

-Anthony- but the Wiggly Big Show is a live concert video

-Anthony- and Jeff falls asleep in it!

CC1 Question from boorowa : do you find that you have become some what of a sex symbol among mothers?

-Murray- because Anthony was named bach of the year

-Murray- maybe he is a bit...

-Murray- but Greg and I are both happily married :)

-Murray- and Jeff is always sleeping!!

CC1 Question from scrappi : will you be back at mt pritchard community club again?

-Murray- Yes, prob next year..

CC1 Question from africano : Where is the weirdest place you`ve performed?

-Murray- Played the national anthem at a Syd Kings basket ball game

-Murray- and the audience didn't know whether to stand still or dance!!!

CC1 Question from kacey : are the wiggles popular in other countires?

-Jeff- were only just starting in America

-Jeff- and the UK

-Jeff- but from the response so far

-Jeff- the audiences are just as enthusiastic as here

-Jeff- just a little smaller

CC1 Question from bee-g : Did you finish your teaching degrees?

-Jeff- Everyone did except me

-Jeff- I didn't start one

-Jeff- I did industrial design

-Jeff- dreaming up new ideas :)

CC1 Question from J-Flyer : How long have you been performing for? and why did you choose to perform to children?

-Jeff- The wiggles have been going since 1991

-Jeff- I like to perform for children because

-Jeff- they're so spontaneous

-Jeff- and its never the same comment twice from the audience

-Jeff- you can always expect the unexpected

CC1 Question from cob1 : Where is Dorothy, Wags and Captain Feathersword today?

-Murray- we've given them the day off..

-Murray- Dorothy is working in her garden, looking after her roses

-Murray- Wags has to bury some bones today...

-Murray- And Henry is practicing w/ his underwater big band!!!

CC1 Question from Pauline2 : You seem to do alot of smaller concerts as well as the big ones. Which do you enjoy the most?

-Murray- We enjoy them all!!!!

-Murray- Sometimes the smaller ones are nice, because you can interact w/ the audience more easily

CC1 Anonymous Question : how did you come up with these songs and how long did it take you

-Murray- There's lots of diffrent ways

-Murray- sometimes one of us brings a part of the song to rehearsals

-Murray- sometimes, we all sit down and write together

-Murray- and with the lyrics, we just try and think what's impotant to chideren

-Murray- or what they are interested in...

CC1 Question from catie1 : How long will you keep wiggling for? Is it something you want to do in the long term?

-Greg- We'll do it as long as we keep on enjoying it

-Greg- we started doing it because we enjoyed music

-Greg- and early childhood teaching

-Greg- and we created a great way to teach a lot of children

-Greg- in a HUGE classroom

-Greg- and have FUN while we are doing it

CC1 Question from matmar : what`s your favourite song that you sing

-Greg- "can you point your fingers and do the twist"

-Greg- is my favourite -Greg- I like it because I wrote it

-Greg- and I like the melody

CC1 Question from Barman2000 : Will you be touring the world?

-Greg- we've already started touring

-Greg- england

-Greg- and the USA

-Greg- we've also been to

-Greg- New Zealand

-Greg- and Hong Kong

-Greg- and it's going to be great to meet people in other parts of the world too

CC1 Question from bee-g : Why did you choose the name WIGGLES?

-Greg- It came from a song on our first album

-Greg- called "get ready to wiggle"

-Greg- it's also a way to describe the way that the children dance

CC1 Anonymous Question : Do you get mobbed by mini fans?

-Murray- not really mobbed, parents tend to notice us more than kids

-Murray- and they're usually fairly friendly

-Murray- so it's no's nice!

CC1 Question from nicoleann : Hi! I live in the US and i just wanted to know if there is anywhere i can buy videos,cds,or books of the Wiggles?

-Murray- you can buy them fromour website , see link above

-Murray- and some of our videos will soon be released in the US

CC1 Question from Ima_Bedwetter1 : do you guys wear boxers or briefs?

-Murray- between us we wear a variety

-Murray- but they're all very SENSIBLE

CC1 Question from Saphyre : What do you guys think of chat? Is this your first experience with it?

-Murray- yes, it's my first experience and it's very interesting to see what questions people are asking

CC1 Comment from scrappi : my son thinks yous are the greatest and so do i

-Jeff- thank you

-Greg- thanks scrappi!

CC1 Question from monopoly : how did the yanks take to you?

-Jeff- very similar reaction

-Jeff- to Australia and England

-Jeff- the only thing is we have to introduce them to our characters

-Jeff- like Wags and Dorothy

CC1 Question from k-girl : whats it feel like entertaining all day everday? do you get sick of it?

-Jeff- No we don't get sick of it

-Jeff- sometimes we get a bit tired

-Jeff- so it means I get to sleep

CC1 Question from bee-g : How many different Wiggles videos are there at the moment?

-Jeff- We've got nine at the moment

-Jeff- and the latest is the Big Wiggly show

CC1 Question from kurmit316 : in hong kong do you speak diferent language

-Jeff- I speak and understand a little bit of Cantonese

-Jeff- I can get myself into a lot of trouble

-Jeff- speaking the way I do in Cantonese

CC1 Question from sngglepot : my daughter wants to know how many times have you performed on stage?

-Greg- abou 3000

-Greg- about 3800 times

-Greg- We've probably played to over 2 million people so far

CC1 Question from ashleewiggle : when will the wiggles tv show come back on channel 7

-Greg- Probably February 2000

-Greg- it will be a BRAND NEW series

CC1 Anonymous Question : Are the the songs new in your Wiggly Big Show?

-Greg- not all of the songs are new

-Greg- probably 5 or 6

-Greg- of the songs are new

-Greg- "Sing with me" is one of the new ones

-Greg- and so is "Six months in a leaky boat"

CC1 Question from ashby : how old is my fav wiggle jeff?

-Jeff- I'm 46, but only 21 digital years

CC1 Question from broady : whats it like being admired and loved by so many kids is a lot of reasponsiblility?

-Greg- yes it is a lot of responsibility

-Greg- but it's also great because

-Greg- parents and children

-Greg- will tell you

-Greg- how much they enjoy

-Greg- your songs and videos

-Greg- and that makes you feel really good

CC1 Question from geenie : i`d love to know where you get your ideas for songs from

-Murray- a lot of them come form children themselves

-Murray- especially when we were still teaching

-Murray- and we get ideas from our own children...

-Murray- and the rest we just make up..

CC1 Comment from ashleewiggle : Greg my greg doll is learning magic tricks with his magic wand

-Murray- make sure your greg doll keeps practicing

-Murray- it needs lots of practice to become a good magician!

-Greg- especially for card tricks

CC1 Time for the last questions...........

CC1 Question from africano : You`ve said you travel everywhere- what has been your favourite place so far and why?

-Murray- Australia is the BEST!

-Murray- because we love being home

-Murray- I've also enjoyed being in NY, becuase it's a really exciting city

CC1 Question from Miss_Flirty : Will one of the wiggles marry me???

-Murray- Two of us are out,because we're married, one's bach of the year and one's always asleep

-Murray- Anthony has to stay bachelor for the whole year

-Murray- but we'll try to wake Jeff up!!!

-Greg- Thanks for coming everyone!

CC1 Thanks so much guys! We've loved having you here!

-Greg- good bye!

-Jeff- Bye everyone !!

-Murray- Bye evrybody!!!!

CC1 Comment from memwa : The Wiggles, - thank you for taking the time to talk to us

CC1 Comment from ashby : i think all of the wiggles are great.

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