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Wiggly Arty Crafty Cookingy Stuff

This page contains some of the Wiggly things I have made -Art, Craft or Cooking!

Wags Biscuits

No - not biscuits for dogs :-D
These are biscuits (cookies in US) in the shape of Wags!
I cannot tell you the exact ingredients or recipe as I made it up as I went along, based on Crunchy Munchy Honey Cakes - I use the song when making those, just do as the song says and it works! - but for these I used treacle instead of honey, and also they were different because they were biscuits not cakes - ie. flat rather than round.
I used the Wags cutter from the Wiggles cookbook "Cooking Fun With the Wiggles"

Below are the steps I took from the oven, to the "ready to eat" stage!!!

Wags Biscuits!


Blue Skivvy

I love to dance and move along to the Wiggles dances (in the privacy of my own room - I try to restrain myself when I have a video on at work!!) but I realised there being no Wiggly clothes sold for "Big-Kids", I'd have to make my own!!
So I found a blue sweatshirt, got some fabric paints, and made myself a "blue skivvy" - now I can dance just like Anthony! lol

Blue Skivvy!


More arty, crafty stuff coming soon!!!